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We couldn't have predicted where our journey has led us: from Southern California to Northern Nevada; from the great nation of Texas to the great white north of NE Wisconsin. So many dear friends along the way and extraordinary opportunities to serve. Stacey has worked with pilots flying into the most remote locations on the globe and served in international orphan care. Robbie has been pastoring in a local church context and working to cultivate a love for, and desire to serve, our neighbors both locally and around the world. Together, we have led teams to over a dozen countries.  

Over years of travel, we grew such a love for the nations that we needed to move a little bit of them in with us! Our two incredible kids were each born in different states in India. Our daughter has significant vision issues, though you would never know it by how well she adjusts. Our son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is deteriorating his muscles, but has been powerless to diminish his joy or his ingenuity in pestering his beloved sister.  

Partner with us in serving those who serve!

Individuals and families who are serving others overseas require care, counseling, and encouragement in order to maintain longevity on the field. We serve those who are sent and train those who send them to better equip, encourage, and care for them, wherever they are in the world.  

Help us send more people to care for those in desperate need of hope in every part of the globe and to care for those we send well. 

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