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My Bookshelves

Photo by <a href="">Niklas Ohlrogge</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Sadly, NOT my bookshelves

I finished building my bookshelf wall.

The task ahead of me is both delightful and daunting.

I love determining a new home for each book (of which, I have several). What method of organization? Which shelf? Can’t do it the same way I had it before because the shelving configuration is different—necessitating adaptation. New is fun. Fresh starts feel like new possibilities.

The flip side this means unpacking an alarming number of boxes, and the painstaking decisions that come along with that. Which books will I need regular access to? Which books won’t make the cut and remain in a box? To say nothing of the time spent when (to Stacey’s great consternation) I start reading every 4th book that I pull out of a box.

Staring at this satisfyingly blank canvas I’m struck by the obvious metaphorical significance.

Starting this new vocation is rather like these bookshelves. A blank canvas full of new possibilities. A chance to develop new (prayerfully, healthier) rhythms. Can’t do things the same way I always have because the configuration is different—necessitating adaptation. New is fun.

This also means a fair amount of work determining what skills/lessons from the last 20 years I will need regular access to and which ones are no longer relevant and, therefore, remain in the box. Different goals require different weekly tasks, so it is disorienting before it will feel like new normal.

After beginning the role officially on Dec 1st and having my first meeting with staff, I am excited about what the future might hold and our place in it. I am thrilled to be caring for those who are caring for others; discipling disciple-makers. I am honored to be a part of a developing organization whose aim is humble and healthy leaders, churches, and networks.

I am eager for both the literal and metaphorical bookshelves to fill out and for the joyful work to get underway. I am grateful for the partners who are supporting us to make this all possible, and, most of all, for the God who is sustaining and fueling every effort and worthy of all.

Soli Deo gloria

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