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1000 miles

Turns out driving a moving truck across the midwest provides ample thinking time.

I was struck by the number of journeys we find ourselves in.

A thousand miles to go traveling to our new home.

A thousand miles to go in developing the relational roots like ones we just had to leave.

A thousand miles to go in knowing how to function in a totally new rhythm after being in the same vocation for nearly 20 years.

A thousand miles to go on this road my son must travel and to learn how to care for, support, and train him to be strong in all the ways that don’t involve muscle.

A thousand miles to go for a fledgling organization to grow up and have an impact on the nations while caring well for the hearts/families of those we send.

A thousand miles to go in learning how to love and serve my wife and kids well.

A million miles to go in becoming the man I know I was created and rescued to be for the sake of Jesus, my family, and the world.

So very grateful for Matthew 28:20

"I am with you always, to the end of the age."

We’ll get there…together.


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